Mike – An angel by my side. An archangel, to be precise.

I was lying in the dark, trying to fall asleep. As I slowly drifted away, a strange noise brought me back. Is it a butterfly? No, the fluttering was too loud. «It can’t be a bird», I said to myself. Maybe I was already dreaming? What could be flying around in my bedroom?

It was SOMETHING. Now I was definitely awake. I felt his presence.

«Talk to me.»

«Hello, Greenie.» It was an angel. I KNEW it was an angel.


«My name is Michael, but you can call me Mike.»

«Michael? Then you are an archangel, aren’t you? The leader of the hosts…»

«I see you’ve been reading.» I felt the smile in the tone of his voice.

«Oh, don’t bother, I know what you do. And I have to add, I like your choice.»

«Are you spying on me?»

Smile became laughter. «Spying? Noooo, I’m guarding you. I thought it was time we had a chat. You’re a bit too pessimistic lately.»

«For no reason at all», I thought. «I’m broke, unemployed, alone…»

«You are NEVER alone.» My blood froze.

«You can read my mind?!»

«Not entirely. Not that I couldn’t, that, is, but I’m discrete.»

«Oh. So, what have I done to deserve your visit, Mike?»

«No need to be sarcastic. I came to talk, that’s all. Though, I assume you’d prefer Uriel, wouldn’t you?»

«What’s wrong with that. He’s my kind.»

I made him laugh again. «You really think YOU should save the world?»

I shrugged.

«Oh, dear, you do make me laugh. Don’t worry about the world, it’ll be fine. How about saving yourself?»

I didn’t know what to say to that. What could I possibly do?

«Maybe you should quit smoking. It isn’t very healthy, you know. You don’t need me to tell you this.»

«It’s only a couple of cigarettes a day! Just to keep my hands occupied…»

«Ha! What a lame excuse!» His voice became softer. «You can do better. Much, much better.»

«Did you come here to remind me of my flaws, angel? I know myself very well, thank you.»

«It’s Mike», he reminded me gently. «This conversation is not going in the right direction, I’m afraid. You don’t need to fight me, or yourself. You shouldn’t be so suspicious. I need you to trust me, otherwise my hands are tied. You can trust me.»

«What do you want?»

«What do I want? What do YOU want? That is the question.»

Suddenly, my eyes filled with tears. He asked me as if he could give me ANYTHING.

«Your question is disturbing. I don’t know what I want.»

He was reading my mind again. «I can. All you need to do is take it. Actually, there’s this bloke…»

«Oh, not even you!» I had to interrupt him. I don’t need more ‘help’ in finding a match for me. The more they try, the less it works.

He laughed again. His laughter was ringing in my ears. I was wondering if anyone outside the room could hear us.

«No, they can’t. Anyway, this bloke will need your help soon. Remember what I’ve just told you.»

«What bloke? And why do you speak like that?»

«Because you like «English English», don’t you? By the way, your teacher is fine. She remembers you.»

«How do you know who my teacher was? Right, it goes with the job. Say ‘Hello’ when you see her, will you.»

«Ummm, I’m afraid I can’t. She wouldn’t recognize me.»

«Why not? How did I recognize you?»

«No, she can’t ‘see’ me, you know. She doesn’t believe I exist, so I can’t approach her.»

«I see…About this ‘bloke’. Who is he? And how can I help him? I can’t even help myself.»

«A-a. You’re wrong. By helping others, you ‘help’ yourself. You’ll see.»

I didn’t ‘see’, but it seemed that I won’t get more information from him. He said he needed to leave.

«There are more people I need to visit tonight. I have to hurry and catch them awake.»

«Why? Can’t you visit them while they sleep?»

«I could, but they would wake in the morning and think they had a strange dream. Some people are hard to convince.»

«People like me?»

«Yes and no. You didn’t fight too much.» His silvery laughter rang in my ears again.

«I trust my intuition.»

«You should trust it more often. This Marc, for example. You were right. I wondered why you didn’t send him home earlier. You wasted too much time with him. Anyway, I wish you a good night. I’m leaving now.»

«Good night to you, too.» I felt light, like I was floating on a cloud.

«Hey, Mike», I called, with last bits of consciousness.


«Fly carefully.»

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